HOW the best schools implement early intervention

with jayne m. wesler, esq.

Real answers from a licensed clinical social worker and attorney whose legal practice is limited to special education law. Jayne is an author, coach, speaker, mother, and wife. You can tap into her wisdom by reading Jayne’s books, coaching with her, and benefiting from her social media.


I am an ICBCH-certified Life Coach and a certified NLP practitioner. Through my coaching,  books, and speaking, I help people find real-life solutions to personal issues, including special education services, bone loss, and emotional intimacy. 

As a certified Life Coach, I help people reach solutions and uncover resources for their unique situations and live their best life despite the difficulties.

I work with people worldwide online, and with people one-on-one in some locations in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Florida. 

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Qualification and Experience

I am a professional speaker, an author and writer, a coach, and a compassionate advocate with decades of professional and life experience. I provide coaching services drawing from my professional expertise and personal experiences overcoming many of the same issues you are facing...

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