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Eighteen-year-old Will Van Dalen finds himself betrayed and framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Backed into a corner, struggling with attention-deficit disorder, and surrounded by a rash of recent suicides, is he desperate enough to make a permanent escape?

Will a brother’s love transcend blood and betrayal?

Lawyer Liz Myler fights for truth, justice, and the magic that changes the course of human life. But can she save Will?

Reviews for Railroaded


Wesler has written an exciting thriller that keeps you glued to the page (or screen!) from start to finish! Will, a high school student in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets accused of kidnapping. He's a great example of a good kid mixing with the wrong crowd, or wrong friend in this case. Wesler has crafted characters with authenticity and soul and has them travel through a daunting story. Highly recommend!

Brilliant Literature Filled with Meaningful Life Lessons

Once you start reading this book it is hard to put it down. Each chapter leaves you wanting to know what happens next. The characters are relatable, like someone you know personally. Wesler writes an entertaining story that is also full of life lessons and messages. I can imagine this as recommended reading in a high school or college English class. It is brilliant literature which also prompts the reader to understand how quickly everything in life can change in ways we never imagined.

Big Fan of Jayne’s Work!

As a therapist this book has allowed me to think differently about the struggles that youth go through on a regular basis, especially in relation to the challenging topic of suicide ideation. I have to admit that the subject matter had me gripped to the edge of my seat wondering, "is it going to happen this chapter?" Jayne skillfully crafts a narrative that puts the reader in the mind of a troubled youth moving through a world of suffering. Her writing allows us to see the inner minds of young men struggling to get by even with the odds stacked against them. We never really know what people are going through, hopefully this book will allow you to feel more compassion for our youth, as it did for me.

Page Turner-suicide awareness

I loved that this book was a page turner. Read the book in 2 days. Haven't read a book like this since the last time a read a James Patterson or Stuart Woods book. I also loved the location of the story as I grew up there and went to high school with the author. Having experienced the tragedy of suicide in my life reading this book gave me a new positive way to get through the tough days.

Authentic Earns

“I read Rail Roaded yesterday and it was riveting. I simply couldn’t put it down! It’s a great story with twists and turns including a lot of legal facts and the NJ education system. Your rich history as an attorney and LCSW certainly made this book 5 stars


Jayne Wesler’s talent is shining bright from the very beginning. She excels in ways of drawing in your attention and keeping you focused are spot-on in this novel. The character depictions & storyline are so realistic and true-to-times that it pulls you even deeper into the moment of a perfect ending. Fantastic read! Buy the book - you’ll be glad you did.


A captivating read. Jane M. Wesler knows how to bait the hook and reel you in with this grabber. Rail Roaded: A Novel. It's a must read.

Gripping from the First Page!

This book grabs your attention immediately. Not only is it a great read, the message it delivers is a bonus.

Hard to Put Down!

The ratings are accurate on this novel, I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to see more from this author.

    Everybody's Darling

    Beth Hoffman is isolated and alone. She’s been quarantined in her room for two whole weeks. This, on top of emergency surgery and the sudden loss of her home and independence, threaten to take her down for good.

    But Beth’s a fighter. She had to be, growing up with an alcoholic father and an indifferent mother. Then pregnant and married at 16 and rejected by her new in-laws, only to discover her husband was cheating.

    Living in isolation, just when she thinks she might go under, Beth re-discovers her fighting spirit.

    But even in these so-called “Golden Years,” challenges threaten Beth’s undaunted spirit. In Everybody’s Darling, Wesler spins the life trajectory of a courageous, but very human, woman. Is she anything like you? #paidlink

    Reviews for Everybody's Darling

    An interesting story of one woman’s resilience and love.

    Many people have difficult journeys in life. This story tells the story of a life of faith through many dark times. It was uplifting and interesting. I am better for reading this book. Kudos to the author.

    A Good Read

    Packed with descriptions and details, one can easily envision the characters' makeup and environments. I found the character Beth showed a lot of strength and resilience. It was interesting following her through the various stages of her life. Congratulations to Jayne Wesler for this fictional memoir, obviously written with much love.

      Ride the storm

      Chaz Danforth is young, rich, and good-looking, and he knows it. As the owner of a successful insurance company, Chaz is living a playboy lifestyle … until his town is hit with the storm of the century. Asked by the local police chief if he’ll offer his building as an emergency shelter, Chaz is sweating it out. The pressure forces him to do something he’s never had to do before: ask for help. He turns to his secretary, his paralegal, the café’s cook, and his golfing buddies for assistance. What happens next is something Chaz never dreamed possible. 

      No Bones about it

      Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis? Has your doctor recommended medication to increase your bone density? Did your doctor tell you that those medications can increase your risk of esophageal cancer, osteosarcoma, osteonecrosis of the jaw, atypical femoral fracture, cardiovascular death, heart attack, and stroke? Since she was a young woman of 25, Jayne Wesler recognized that she was at risk for contracting osteoporosis when she got older. How did she know? She had several risk factors: she was female; she had a small bone structure; she was Caucasian; and she was a lightweight. For those reasons, for all of Ms. Wesler’s adult life, she engaged in many activities specifically designed to maintain her bone density. Yet, when she was 54 years old, her doctor told her that her bones were “thinning at an alarming rate.” Thus began a year-long journey to find out:• Why her bones were “thinning at an alarming rate,” according to her primary doctor; • Why he intended to let this continue for another 18 months with no additional intervention;• What was causing her alarming bone loss; and• What she could do about it.At the end of that year, Ms. Wesler had stabilized the overall bone density in her hips and had increased the bone density in her left hip by a whopping 11.3%. Without medication. Ms. Wesler would like to help you, too, learn how to increase your bone density without medication. Open this book to find out more!

      Get Instant Access to the NO BONES worksheets here:

      Reviews for NO BONES

      Frustrated to your bone density not improving? Get this book to see what you can do.

      As a chiropractic doctor, I found this book to be an easy read and highly recommend it for patients with diagnoses of Osteoporosis. The author shares with her audience the journey and difficulties she endured from trying different diets, exercises and through finding the right people to help figure what is going to work for her and anyone with this diagnosis should consider. The author is an attorney who brings great questions for the health care provider to ponder and open their eyes to other possible solutions. She is a detective to finding what will work. Frustrated to your bone density not improving? Get this book to see what you can do. There are options for osteoporosis that do not include medications with side effects!

      Brilliant Literature Filled with Meaningful Life Lessons

      This book is a perfect combination of personal experiences and helpful facts. If you have a concern about current or future bone-loss, please purchase this book! As a matter of fact, I’d suggest that you purchase a few for friends. Gifts that demonstrate your compassion towards the health of someone special are truly the best!

      Specific info that can help you avoid bone loss!

      This book came at the right time! My mother had used medication to help her bone loss and I would like to avoid it. Author Wesler provides a list on how to pro-actively treat your bones so you can avoid fractures and poor bone density tests. It's exactly what I needed right now! I especially liked the info on how walking is one of the best exercises for bones, and this got me back up on my treadmill. I found the info on vibration plates and supplements helpful as well. Highly recommend this book!

      Excellent alternative care for Osteoporosis

      Great resource for alternatives to medication in managing Osteoporosis. Jayne Wesler shares her journey and challenges in her quest to discover solutions that helped her and will also benefit others.

      Reads like a novel – Short, Informative, Delivers BIG!

      Bone density is not just a problem for the aged. This small book on the challenge of bone loss delivers BIG. Everyone should read this book. (I read it in a couple of hours.) You will discover how to assess your risk factors, increase bone density, and take charge of your health by developing an individual Bone Building Plan. No Bones About It reads like a novel in which the author shares the fear, confusion, frustration, and false-hopes that accompany the threat of osteoporosis. Jayne Wesler makes a case for safer alternatives to medication. Unlike chemical treatments, the strategies she shares can stabilize and even reverse bone loss without negative side-effects. Wesler is living proof. Her dogged-determination to find a solution will inspire you. Her thoroughness in researching a problem that afflicts well over 54 million Americans could save you, or those you love years, possibly decades, of despair. Read it.

      A must read!

      Fabulous book! Full of well documented information. Anyone who has concerns about bone density should read this book. A lot of techniques you can start using today to improve your health. The author is well skilled at gathering pertinent information, and making it more accessible to the readers

        Reverse Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

        You’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis.
        Now what?
        Have you been told to take medication?
        Do you know the risks and discomfort of those medications?
        Do you know that approximately 80% of patients are unable to stay on the medications for the recommended amount of time, thus erasing the alleged benefits?
        Are you aware that medication offers no significant protection against fracture?
        Are you aware that DEXA scans cannot predict a fracture?
        Did your health care provider advise you that other options exist?
        Author and professional problem-solver (psychotherapist, attorney, coach) Jayne M Wesler has personally grappled with the challenge of osteoporosis and the looming threat of medication. She chose natural interventions and was successful in increasing her own bone density without medication.

        Reviews for Reverse Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

        Gave me hope

        I am new on this journey being just diagnosed with osteoporosis and I wanted an alternative to medication. This book gave me hope and information I can take to my doctor. My last bone scan reported that I had increased my bone density and at the same time I went from osteopenia to osteoporosis. This didn't make sense to me. Read this book, it is carefully honest and medically studied.

        Excellent Book

        I was recently diagnosed with Osteopenia and immediately ordered this book because I did not want to take medication. This book is very informative and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

        A must read for all menopausal and post menopausal women

        This is a great book! Informative and easy to follow, it will answer all your questions about what you can do to increase your bone density. Jayne combines facts with practical information about diet, physical movement and much more. I highly recommend “ reverse Osteoporosis & Osteopenia without medication” Every woman over 50 should read this.

        Immensely Helpful

        Clearly presented, evidence-based alternatives to the daunting prescription treatments. Read this, because "if you don't know your options, you don't have any".

        Jayne’s book should be given to every man and woman diagnosed with Osteoporosis!!!!

        You gave me hope when I couldn't see beyond the, depressing, diagnosis and I'm anxious to try it all and try to undo some of this damage. To a previous reviewer that stated "there's nothing new and it's all common sense," apparently she has done some vast researching to find all this information and data. I am grateful to Jayne that she did all the extensive research and put it in ez-to-read/understand form in less than 150 pages! Jayne, thank you for the encouragement that there is life after Osteo!!!

          Feed Your Bones!

          In this detailed yet simple workbook, Jayne Wesler wrestles with the question of which diet best promotes good bone health. After years of reading and researching this topic, Ms. Wesler outlines a plan you can follow, one about which you can be certain.
          Jayne Wesler was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the relatively young age of 50. Over the next four years, her condition worsened, yet her physicians did not advise her of the many interventions she could use to improve her bone health.
          Left to her own devices, she investigated. After a year of trial and error, much anguish, and a great deal of hard work, she was successful!
          Compelled to continue to help herself and the millions of women and men who suffer from osteopenia and osteoporosis, Ms. Wesler developed a program to improve bone health. This led to the publication of three books on bone health, the development of a webinar, and a four-week course designed to help those at risk of OP develop and adhere to their own individualized bone-building plans.
          While developing the four-week course, Ms. Wesler returned, once again, to the question: Am I really eating right for my bone health?
          If you, too, ask this question, open this workbook, and find the answers within. #paidlink

          Reviews for Feed Your Bones!

          Great! Very Informative!

          I was amazed at all the information I have in this little gem. Seriously, great for referencing everything you need to know for your bone health. I love this workbook. It's a keeper!

          Love this!

          Perfect for the busy person to get the information needed and just do the process. No excuse not to do it the workbook is quick and to the point.

          Great! Very Informative!

          I was amazed at all the information I have in this little gem. Seriously, great for referencing everything you need to know for your bone health. I love this workbook. It's a keeper!

            Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs

            For decades, Jayne Wesler has watched parents struggle with their school districts to obtain the right educational services to enable their children to achieve and grow. Many times, the parents either lacked the legal know-how to enforce their child’s educational rights or they were so frustrated and angry that they inadvertently damaged their relationships with key school district staff.
            As a Child Study Team member, a psychotherapist, and an attorney practicing exclusively on behalf of children with special needs, Jayne Wesler has amassed a wealth of legal and therapeutic knowledge over the years. In this book, she shares with you the legal knowledge you need and the effective techniques you can use to help your child find the tools to succeed. Ms. Wesler wants you to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued many of her clients. The worst of those pitfalls is when the parents wait too long and their child’s potential goes unfulfilled. Ms. Wesler wrote this book so that you, the reader, can avoid this type of invisible sinkhole.

            Children grow so quickly that, when they do need help, they need it now. Don’t wait. Do it today. You’ll be glad you did.

            Reviews for Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs

            Jill Brooks Ph.D, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Head 2 Head Consulting

            This book is an easy to read go-to manual containing pearls of wisdom and accessible references for creating your child’s educational blueprint. Jayne Wesler created this handbook blending both wisdom and heart!

            Daniel DaSilva Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Morris Psychological Group

            With her background as a psychotherapist and an education attorney, Jayne Wesler has written a thoughtful and practical guide for parents of children with special needs looking to navigate the sometimes turbulent and confusing waters of the special education world.

            Ellen Fenster-Kuehl Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

            This is an essential guide for parents seeking the best education for their children, important information from an expert attorney, educator, and psychotherapist. A must read.

            Melissa Fiorito-Grafman Ph.D, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Center for Neuropsychology & Psychotherapy

            The book you hold in your hand is a blueprint to navigating the complexities of educational programming. Attorney and psychotherapist Jayne Wesler integrates her knowledge and offers a unique perspective on how to truly transform your child’s life.

            Dana Henning Ed.D., Education Consultant, Dana Henning Training Programs

            Attorney and psychotherapist Jayne Wesler shares her practical knowledge on how to truly transform your child’s life.

            A Must for Caregivers of any special needs child

            Special Needs 101 for caregivers: read this one book and reflect. Then you will be good to go with your school personnel about how best to help your child: their part and your part. I like the way Ms. Wesler explains the law, the terminology, family rights and students' rights. My wife was a special Ed teacher for her whole career. I still work as a therapist and consult with families every week about their children's special education needs. Ms. Wesler hits the nail on the head. Great in-depth information and research. Great guidance. Very well-done and easy to understand explanations.

            Help is here in this brilliant and easy to follow guidebook

            If you have a child, know a child or know someone who has a child then you really should take the time to read this book. I know someday soon someone will be telling me a story about having a difficult time navigating the education system and how to find the right route for their child who is experiencing a glitch in their system. I will definitely tell this person to start with reading this book and the challenge will be lessened immensely.
            Jayne Wesler has clearly and encouragingly laid out an easy to follow game plan of how to get the right help for your child so they can enjoy and learn in school rather than flounder and be miserable. ‘special needs’ come in all sizes and disguises, this book takes the stigma out of the word and let’s you see how sometimes a simple test can make a world of difference in your child’s school experience. You can almost feel her patting your back as you read and hear her saying, “You got this, I’ll show you how.”

              Hurts So Good: An Orgasm of Tears

              Have you ever had a good cry? Have you ever noticed the physical aspects of your emotional tears? Quivering abs? The prick of tears in your eyes? Chest tightening? Throat hurting? Nostrils flaring? Mouth crumpling? Have you ever been scolded or criticized for crying? Would it intrigue you to know that there are significant similarities between emotional tears and orgasm? Join me to delve into this most baffling of human behaviors: the shedding of emotional tears or, as we know it in the vernacular, a ‘good cry.’ Jayne Wesler has played many roles in her life. From the newsroom to the intense hush of psychotherapy sessions in various venues, including a locked psychiatric unit in a large urban hospital, to trying cases in courtrooms in Newark, Trenton, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ms. Wesler has been both witness to, and actor in, the most intense of human dramas. Trained by experts at GCU and NYU to use her emotions as a tool, Ms. Wesler is able to tap into human experience to help educate and heal others. In this riveting expose, Ms. Wesler illuminates the parallels between orgasm and emotional tears, thereby demonstrating a biological legitimacy to the need for a good cry. Just as sex is the all-time, one-and-only treatment for epididymal hypertension, commonly known as “Blue Balls,” a good cry is the only remedy for a frustrated and achy soul—a Blue Heart.

              Reviews for Hurts So Good: An Orgasm of Tears

              I will never hold back tears again.

              This book is so well written that it feels like a warm hug. First of all, the lists regarding successful women and what women are capable of accomplishing is great in itself. Then the author takes the reader through the comparison to orgasm which is scientifically written yet understandable. Due to the death of a child, divorce, and the frequent attacks on our soil, I have toughened myself and have not cried in years. It just makes others uncomfortable. No more. I will follow the steps to get my cry on. Thank you, Jayne Wesler.

              A Must Read for just about every human

              I'm not sure if is the first book written on the topic, but it certainly is the most well thought-out book I could ever imagine on it. An easy and enjoyable read that provokes thinking and introspection. The chapters flow seamlessly and there is just enough humor to keep it from being too clinical. That's not to say that it isn't well-researched and written in a way any therapist wouldn't benefit by reading it. But, it's also perfect for the layperson who will enjoy learning about a very natural human act. Highly recommended!

              Informative self help!

              Not only is this book informative, it makes you think and feel too! I learned so much from reading this! It’s like a self help that you can come back to and read different sections over and over! Even if you are alone it makes you feel like you have someone in your corner! Lots of insight on issues that we all have had questions on and no one to ask. Please read this book, you won’t be sorry! It will make you tear up and smile!

              A heart-warming, fascinating and engaging read!

              I loved this book! It is well-written and well-researched and it takes one on a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery and unexpected insights. It is filled with facts, humour, practical tools, compassion and important reminders of who we all essentially are at the end of the day - humans, warts and all! And we are all in it together..


              I absolutely love this book. Curl up with your favorite beverage and read this thought provoking book which gives the feel of sitting next to your trusted friend getting effective stress busting strategies and thought provoking perspectives.

                Hurts So Good Workbook

                Most of us would say that our primary relationships with our partners, our family, our friends, and, yes, with ourselves, are the most important things in our lives. Despite this honest belief, most of us would also admit that we do not make enough time to nurture those relationships in the busy chaos of daily life. There’s just too much going on between full- and part-time work, raising children, chores, staying fit, and dealing with the everyday surprises that life throws at us.That’s what this journal is for: breaking through the shell that forms over us, born of fatigue and full schedules, which often prevents us from carving out time for ourselves. In these pages, you will find thought-provoking exercises designed to pierce that protective shell, to reach your rich and lively emotions, and to re-kindle the fires that lie banked within your soul.The focus of this workbook is to:•Foster understanding between partners about emotional intimacy;•Develop trust between partners;•Create safe places for partners to feel accepted, to be themselves, and to be vulnerable;•Create ways for people to understand themselves emotionally; and•Create ways for partners to share themselves with each other in a deeper and more satisfying way.

                Reviews for Hurts So Good: An Orgasm of Tears

                Emotional intimacy, trust orgasms, and a ‘good cry’. What could be better?

                I recently did a deep dive into this workbook to amp up the relationship I have with my partner. Although we've been together for several decades, daily conversations had become somewhat diluted and casual. This workbook provides a foundation to revive intimacy in so many wonderful ways. It's easy to move through the workbook at your own pace. Jayne Wesler has created an uncomplicated way to enhance long-term relationships utilizing well-thought-out questions and guidance. There's much to learn about the biology of tears, orgasms, forgiveness and so much more. I can also imagine this publication being helpful for couples just beginning a life together. I highly recommend this workbook for anyone who is ready to understand emotional tears and deepen a relationship. This would be a marvelous gift to share with someone you love.

                The perfect workbook for you and those you love

                After my wife finished reading Jayne Welser’s, “Hurst So Good: An Orgasm of Tears,” at my suggestion, she told me she wished we would have read it together. So, we were both thrilled when Jayne published this workbook; we completed it together, and as a result, our relationship has been strengthened. This workbook is unlike any other we’ve read in that it gently encourages the reader to open up and share through reflective questions that become deeper as you move from section to section. At a personal level, more honest self-awareness develops for the individual - making this workbook a perfect gift for anyone to give to themselves. And, when completed with a partner, this is the perfect workbook to discover the strength that comes when you are vulnerable and transparent with the one you love. In short, this is the perfect workbook for personal growth, self-awareness, relationship strengthening, and a deeper understanding of oneself.

                Reach Your Crymax!

                Wesler has created a winning workbook to help you revive your passion and resolve your problems! She has designed exercises to help you reconnect with yourself and your partner. This workbook will support you as you journal through your emotions and heal old wounds. I especially liked the Crymax chapter, which compares the release of emotions with a sexual climax. This book is worth every penny as it helps you breakthrough and resolve old emotional issues that may have been blocking your ability to fully experience intimacy. You should really get a copy and let yourself fully express your feelings!

                Fantastic Resource

                Jayne Wesler created a great workbook to help individuals as well as couples tap into their emotional side that is either allusive to people or taboo to talk about. There are myths associated with tears which she helps debunk. The exercises provide a way to explore emotional intimacy in a concrete and safe manner. You can do this workbook on its own but I would suggest getting it's companion book Hurts so good an orgasm of tears, you won't regret it.

                A practical and effective workbook

                This is a short and simple, practical workbook that can be used where couples either work on it together, or each spouse first works on it alone and then together to get the most out of the workbook. What is great is that you don't have to be in a relationship with anyone, you can use it to find more about yourself, which then helps you to become a better version of yourself to navigate your life on this planet. Buy the book and workbook together to get the most out of this book combo.


                  JAYNE M. WESLER